I will help you map what's going on inside of you,
and organically support you to work through the specific blocks or ongoing patterns we find.
My work is rooted in the Bio-Emotive Framework and supported by Expressive Arts and Meditation Training.

The Anatomy of Emotion

An online teaching in the foundations of your biological design for feeling and expressing emotions.

Communicating Feelings

Sometimes processing our emotions can get complex.
When do we share our truth and when do we examine them privately?
What should I expect from my partner and how can I get them to try new skills with me?

Nedera 101

A self-guided journey through your emotional system.
Learn the basics of the triune brain, How to (re)activate the body's natural healing sequence, healthy and unhealthy crying, and more.
Live calls additional.

Authentic Relating for Community Building

Helping your community connect to their authentic expression of joy, laughter, tenderness, and curiosity.

Intro to Circling

Learn the basics of the powerful and advanced interpersonal practice of Circling.
Circling is a nuanced group practice that has the potential to bring you
through beautiful, delicate, and difficult breakthroughs.