Moving the body through space, time, emotion

 Events are presently only held in-person in Winnipeg, Manitoba or through 1:1 online coaching

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Alexandra’s offering of embodiment workshop, both the movement aspect and the debrief after, were powerful healing/teachings for me. She created a space I felt safe to express myself within, to be curious about my movement and expression, and to be safe in my body. She created an open, accepting space for honest conversation about the experiences we went through, afterwards. I find her to be such an effective and kind teacher and guide, with so much knowledge and practice that it is easy to learn from her and dive into the play and work she guides. I have been able to peel off layers of self-consciousness and fear. I trust myself in my movement again. I think it’s been 30 years since I could say that. I would recommend her to anyone, for the work she does. – James Arrachrioux (workshop attendee)