Hoji Alexandra
Healing and Communication.

My work covers three main streams

The first is Emotional Processing. It’s doing your deep work to soothe your pain, projections, mindset blocks, etc. It’s very healing and foundational.

The next is Circling/ Authentic Connection / Communication. This is more about deepening your ability to be with yourself and others while you navigate difficult spaces or create relationships of beauty and elegance. I like to emphasize the psychoactive connection between people, the healthy navigation of conflict, and the basic foundations of communication. 

The third is expressive arts and movement. It’s a way of telling your body’s stories without using words. Both art and movement help us to go directly to deep truths, enter altered states of consciousness, and develop our capacity for spontaneity and joy.

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“I recently participated in an intense community healing circle that was facilitated by Ali, and I left that experience feeling a deep sense of relief. I walked away hopeful and filled with gratitude. I highly recommend Ali to person or group who is seeking help resolving interpersonal conflicts. Her ability to perceive and acknowledge different dynamics, as they emerge, was so instrumental in getting at the root of the issues at hand. Ali has a unique capacity to hold space for all stakeholders involved, honouring the experiences and feelings of all parties. I have no doubt that her gift for creating safe spaces gave rise to the vulnerability and ultimately, truth-honouring, that emerged within our circle. It was also very meaningful to me that she guided a process of personal accountability in a very critical moment within the circle. I felt a massive release as the truth came forward. I believe that we were all able to delve as deeply as we did because of Ali’s impeccable balance between being forthright and being compassionate. I would definitely recommend Ali to friends and family.” – Accalia Robertson (in-person conflict resolution circle)

Hoji Alexandra Tataryn

Hoji is notably trained in counselling, expressive arts and movement group facilitation, bio-emotive clearing, acting for film and television, and T3Circling.  

In coaching, her focus as an expressive arts and bio-emotive facilitator is to weave together healing and mindful movement through creative expression and emotional release.

In conflict and group work, her focus is on searching for the hidden wisdom within the group, often guiding and supporting participants to speak from their heart in a way that opens up more connection. She takes her role as the faciltiator seriously, allowing space for participants to show up and be themselves, as we navigate the difficult territories in togetherness.

Hoji worked many years in the inner city, running a massive community art-space and and worked as a front-line worker in foster care for 5+ years. She continues her work as an artist. She is a coach, facilitator, and woman-behind-the-scenes at The Bio-Emotive Framework. She is a practitioner of Buddha Dharma in both Zen and Tibetan Dharma under various teachers.

More Testimony…

I’ve never met anyone like Ali. She’s a master of the Bio-Emotive Framework, an amazing teacher and a devoted listener. If you want an honest, respectful guide to open the door on improving your relationships with yourself and others, Ali will teach you.” -Lois K. (workshop attendee and conflict resolution participant)

The way the material was delivered and facilitated by Ali. She was dropped in, tuned in, caring for the group while also caring for the individuals. She led by example, showing up authentically. She stayed on track while also veering off, still within the topics, but to explore where the group wanted to go – Melissa Aitkens (workshop attendee)

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